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Congratulations on Sanxin Medtec hand in hand with Chengdu Wesley forming as Strategic Cooperation partner

Release date:2018-03-31    Clicks:7624 Time

Spring begins in march, everything comes to life,Sanxin's medical hemodialysis industry opened a new chapter and successfully entered Chengdu Wesley through capital operation.This indicates that Sanxin medical treatment has realized the coverage of the whole industry chain from dialysis consumables to dialysis equipment.At the same time laid a solid foundation for the layout of Sanxin in western of Sichuan.

The Asian Pacific Congress Of Nephrology&2018 Annual Congress Of Chinese Society Of Nephrology held in Beijing on 28th March.Sanxin Medtec took the opportunity to invite hundreds of industry leaders, experts, cooperative partners, and other members of the industry gathered together to witness Sanxin Medtec success hand in hand with Chengdu Wesley.This is not only a major event in the field of hemodialysis equipment in China, but also a major event in the medical device industry of China
Present at the ceremony were: Mr. Wang Dongsheng, Vice Chairman of the China equipment Association and former Director of the Social Development of the State Development and Reform Commission,Deputy Secretary-General Cai Tianzhi, China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Medical and Health products,Mr. Peng Yixing, Chairman of Sanxin Medtec,Mr. Chen Guiwen, General Manager of Chengdu Wesley,Ms. Lei Fenglian, General Manager of Sanxin Medtec,and all levels of hospital leaders and experts, health care colleagues, and from all over the world partners.

The joint of Sanxin and Wesley will provide the most valuable solutions for clinical institutions and nephropathy patients in China and the world.Openning a new chapter and realize new leaps,building a powerful Chinese Brand.