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Quality assurance


Sanxin Medical has always adhered to the quality policy of "management by law, quality first", established Sanxin medical quality management system according to ISO9001 / ISO13485 standard, carried out "quality target management, quality process management, quality traceability management, quality assurance management ". At the same industry passed the EC CE certification, the domestic CMD certification, safety syringes, conventional syringe U.S. FDA 510 (K) marketing authorization to obtain World Health Organization to self-destruct syringes
procurement qualifications.
The company has been rated as advanced non-public enterprises in Jiangxi Province, and advanced quality management unit.

Authoritative certification of high quality preferred

Sanxin medical in the industry took the lead through the domestic and international certification and assessment:
■ 1999, the national counterparts in the first through the TüV quality system and product quality CE certification;
■ 2002, the first in the province through the CMD quality and quality management system and product certification;
■ 2005, by obtaining the US FDA (510K) on the ordinary syringes and self-destruction syringe listing license;
■ 2010, self-destruct syringes products through the WHO product certification;