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Independent innovation and Strengthen with science and technology
Sanxin medical, a national high-tech enterprises, with provincial-level enterprise technology center, adhering to the "Independent innovation and Strengthen with science and technology" development path, has a professional technical team, and keeps a long- Research cooperation relationship with a number of colleges and universities, with strong R & D strength. The company has received 62 product registration certificates, with 71 patents (three patents for inventions), independent developed and marketing a number of products obtained national and provincial and municipal awards, such as: one-time use of self-destruction safety sterile syringes and intravenous catheter as a national and provincial key new products.
Company takes the "sense of participation" concept, together with medical institutions, health care workers, universities, academicians and other experts in innovation, to participate in a higher field of cooperation for the construction of health in China. And further improve the product line and product chain and transformation and upgrading, and also the company established the academician workstation, in-depth research and development of new materials, new technologies and new products, from the existing safe infusion equipment to a higher technical content and safer surgical auxiliary equipment , for the purpose of "safe medical"